1) Who should play you in “Camera Obscura – The Movie”…?
I am going to go the way of Todd Haynes’, ‘I’m Not There’ and have Tilda Swinton play me. She has just the right balance of intensity and gingerness, perfect!

2) Name three films you like…
Too hard! Three films that I’ve seen recently which have lingered more than others are; Mike Hoolboom’s engaging collage work, ‘Lacan Palestine’. A mix of newsreel, archive interviews and Hollywood fantasy exploring Palestine as a “place of cinematic/ imperial projection”.
‘The Conformist’, by Bernardo Bertolucci, may be one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. A study of the psychology of fascism and one man’s acceptance of his political and historical circumstances no matter how treacherous. Perfect!
Being a sucker for road movies, it was no surprise that I would eventually gravitate to Wim Wenders ‘Alice In The Cities’: Alienation and a loss of purpose on expansive American highways; TV boredom in an anonymous motel; the search for meaning in thoughtlessly taken Polaroid photographs and, of course, the oldest electric elevated railway with hanging cars in the world!

3) The recipe of something you are good at cooking…
I once had a cat called Larry and he taught me a few tricks which more than make up for my inadequacies in the kitchen. Basically, I learned that if you hang around a table where other people are eating long enough and miaow loudly in their faces, they eventually give you food. Another good one is where you creep up to the table and sneakily attempt to ‘hook’ burgers and stuff from the table and grab it with your mouth when it falls to the ground and run like the wind!

4) Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with…?
I would give anything to be stuck in a lift with my friend Kelly who passed away recently. Creative, intelligent and very funny. Kelly had a good line in hilarious and cutting put downs, obviously I was the recipient of many. 

6) Recommend a song or that more people should hear…
I’m going with my old pal Barış Manço from Turkey. My admiration and respect for this 70’s prog synth-folk Anatolian God has not diminished, even when I found out that his massive signature moustache was only grown and maintained in order to hide a big facial scar obtained in a car crash. This song and accompanying video should make you freak out…or lose your keys at the very least. Take me away from here Barış in your horse drawn cart, I won’t ever leave you!

7) If you had a time machine where would you go…?
Late 60’s early 70’s West Germany (Cologne and Dusseldorf) to watch Can and Neu and their mates play or late 50’s early 60’s New York City to hang out at the famed Five Spot and watch Ornette Coleman show us the way to the future. Of course I won’t have to work and will be allowed to hang around these places like a bad smell and with no money worries watching great musicians and generally making a nuisance of myself. 

 8)Something that annoys you…
Well, you know that noise that idiots make where they ‘pop’ chewing gum with their mouths, really loudly, that would be the accompanying noise to my long stay in hell or purgatory or on a really bumpy long-haul flight. People who litter are also evil and I often fantasise about having a job as a sort of ‘litter cop’ where I’d get to fine people who litter but also make them listen to a very long and extremely boring lecture where I tell them why they are literally the worst people who ever existed.
Oh, a couple of weeks ago I was in this great laid back pub in London and this twit with a ponytail stole a chair from our table, in full view, never even acknowledged our existence. I reckon I probably stared at the back of his head like a maniac for about 2 hours. Nice night!
There was this guy on a bus once….never mind. Probably easier to tell what doesn’t annoy me.

9) A favourite word…
Bit obsessed with the word ‘Oleaginous’ at the moment. If you look it up in the dictionary you’ll find a picture of our current Prime Minister.

10)What was your best ever Xmas present?
A portable internet radio (made in Scotland). I love it! I sit in my bath and listen to radio stations broadcasting great music from Syria, Canada, Iraq, France, Mali, Sudan etc etc and imagine that a taxi driver in any of these countries is listening to the same music in his cab. That’s nice isn’t it.