1)Who should play you in “Camera Obscura – The Movie”…?
I presume this ‘movie’ would be used as some kind of education film for teenagers to warn them about the difficulties of the industry? I’ll say Michelle Williams because she has much better short hair than me and is good at looking sullen and miserable.

2)Name three films you like…
The Shining, Ghost World, Jindabyne.

3)The recipe of something you are good at cooking…
I dislike cooking things that require more than twenty minutes prep time or actual activity, otherwise there is a lot of investment in something that might turn out inedible. I could happily eat aubergine pasta every night:
Tomato sauce: one clove of garlic softened in olive oil, add tin of tomatoes and simmer with tons of fresh basil, and chilli to taste.1-2 aubergines diced and quickly griddled with minimal olive oil, a pinch of salt and dried oregano then simmered with the sauce for at least ten minutes. Optional blobs of mozzarella at the end and more fresh basil and serve with pasta.

4)Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with…?
Mmm lovely awkward, forced conversation. Edie Falco. Why not?

5)If you were not be a musician what would you like to be…?
This is what I should have figured out 12 years ago. As I child I wanted to be a librarian and I quite wish I’d followed up on that.

6)Recommend a song or that more people should hear…
Mary’s Song by the Aislers Set.

7)If you had a time machine where would you go…?
Time travel looks awfully stressful, I don’t really fancy it tbh. So long as I could come straight back, I think it would be pretty humbling to see WW1.

8)Something that annoys you…
Not getting to eat what I want as soon as I want it. I am a tragic victim of ‘hanger’.

9)A favourite word…

10)What was your best ever Xmas present…?
My mini casio keyboard. It taught you how to play along to demos and so I had totally nailed Beat It by Michael Jackson by the time I was six.