Camera Obscura


  • Kenny

    Meal – It’s still Glasgow’s Mother India…
    Book – Finally read and loved Ali Smith’s The Accidental after a billion recommendations.
    Film – Watched La Gloire de Mon Pere on holiday recently. Gentle and charming.
    Poem – Edwin Morgan’s Strawberries
    Music – Currently listening to and loving Labradford, Sharon Van Etten, Alexander, Little Dragon and re-enjoying the Durutti Column and Queen. Well, the good bits. Well, Queen II.
    Colour – Often seen in blue. Someone please, please tailor me a white suit.
    Drink – Usually Deuchars, but at the moment I’d rather have a nice cup of tea.
    Song – The Night by Frankie Valli
    Animal – Puffin. Pygmy Hippo. Roast Lamb. Sorry.